We are learning words to describe the weather. 

il sole – the sun             c’e il sole – its’s sunny                    le nuvole – the clouds          e’ nuvoloso – it’s cloudy

la neve – snow               nevica – its snowing                       la nebbia– the fog                 e’ nebbioso – it’s foggy

la pioggia – rain            piove – it’s raining                         il vento – the wind                tira vento – it’s windy

Students will reference a map of Italy with cities that feature various weather conditions. They will determine whether the images match the description. In addition they will explore a map of Australia, labelling the cities in each state and draw images of weather patterns to match the phrases on the worksheet. Eg Piove in Hobart – It’s raining in Hobart.


Students played a game of Concentration . 12 Italian and 12 English words relating to Weather are placed face down. In pairs, students try to match the English weather word to the Italian one. The game is a fun way for students to reinforce vocabulary learnt and use the language in an authentic way. Other games students enjoy include competing in 2 teams. Teacher calls out a question and the fastest player to answer the question scores a point for their team.




We are learning to describe the Months of the Year (mesi dell’anno ) and the 4 Seasons (quattro stagioni)





Students will receive A3 paper and divide into 4 sections. They will label each Season and include the names of the relevant 3 months  –

eg , JUNE JULY AUGUST – ESTATE and draw images to match. They will learn that the months for each season in Australia differ to Italy discuss how and why.